Is it hard to travel with a baby? What to pack when travelling with young children? What are the travel essentials for travelling with toddlers?

Based on the authors’ and contributors’ experience of family slow travels in various countries around the world, this guidebook addresses the benefits and challenges of slow travel and offers practical advice and tips on travel preparation, packing for babies and young children, socializing, cultural orientation, digital nomad lifestyle, sustainable family vacations, staycations, and more.

A growing trend for family vacations, especially post-2020, slow travel is a unique and enriching way to travel with babies, toddlers and young children.

Slow travel is a journey of discovery, a deeper, more sustainable way to coexist with the people and environment of our host destination. It doesn’t always have to be a long trip, or a trip to a different country, but it is a more conscious trip. As part of a larger slow movement, it is a commitment to spend more time being, as opposed to doing.

As world citizens, we have the responsibility to travel sustainably, mindfully and respectfully. As parents, we have the opportunity to use travel to inspire, educate and empower our children. Slow traveling does all this, and more. Enjoy!

The book creators are digital nomads whose home-base is Montreal. They had been living in India for several years, when their son was born. He joined them on their adventures and together, they have slow travelled and lived in beautiful countries in Asia, Europe and North America.

The Dalai Lama has forwarded their previous kids’ book. While their current book also focuses on children, it shifts the focus to travelling as an empowering and formative experience, for children and parents alike.

‘The author is speaking from experience when she offers her suggestions and tips on life on the road with children. Her practical guides cover a lot of ground, with useful information both for families with children and anyone else interested in slow travel. Weaving so many travel photos throughout these “how-to” pages is a welcome addition to this book.’

Perceptive Travel – ‘The Best travel stories from authors on the move’

This is one of the most up to day slow travel books out there! This slow travel book was released not long ago in September 2020, making it relevant and helpful. It is the go-to source for slow traveling with children, both the benefits and challenges it poses.

Unlike other slow travel books, it is less about the philosophy of slow traveling and more of a practical guide for those going on family vacations and families who are considering living abroad!

Maptrekking.com – ‘What Is The Best Slow Travel Book?’

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What is slow travel?

Common myths and misconceptions about slow travel, as well as pros and cons, from a family life perspective.

Slow travels with babies

Practical advice and tips on packing, successful travel days, maintaining routine and socializing during slow travels with babies.

Slow travels with toddlers

Tips on packing for traveling with young children, in transit considerations, socializing, culture shock, and feeling homesick.

Digital nomad lifestyle

Our take on this unique, enriching, and yes, sometimes challenging lifestyle. Why it works (and why it doesn’t always work) for families.

Planning for slow travels

Mental preparation, cultural orientation, budgeting, health and safety considerations, tips for successful travel days, and more. Because when it comes to planning, more is more.

Slow travel is a great learning tool.

Learn new languages, experience new cultures, environments and lifestyles. Our guide addresses some of these benefits for families.

Feel at home everywhere.

Simple but efficient ways for families to adapt to new realities, deal with being homesick, manage culture shock, build lasting memories and foster gratitude for their experience.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.
Henry Miller