What is the best stroller for travelling with baby? How do I start travelling with my family? Where can I find family travel tips for long flights?

Well, the websites below have helped us answer this type of questions. We hope you enjoy the following tools we’ve found interesting and useful.

Cost of living calculator – it helps if you know what to expect, before you get to your destination, or while you are comparing possible destinations. Expatistan is an unbeatable resource: it provides cost of living assessments for cities around the world, based on ratings of expats living there.

Travel researchRome 2 Rio is a great app that lists all the possible ways of travelling from point A to point B, including planes, trains, buses, ticket prices, etc. It is especially helpful for local travel, short trips, or for when you want to break a longer trip into smaller segments.

Packing lists – there are a lot of packing list examples online. They are already great, so our book does not repeat their content. Instead, we suggest extras or alternatives that we have found useful. For the mother of all packing lists click here.

Facebook – yes, Facebook! For parent groups and expat groups at your destination. We’ve met amazing people through FB groups (playdate groups, homeschooling, etc.). The advantage of these groups is that you can connect with families living at your destination before you actually get there.

Maps with me – download maps of your destination ahead of time, in case you don’t have an internet connection or network range. Came in very handy, every time we’ve travelled.

Slow Travel: A Guide To Being A Better Traveler Post-Pandemic – an article by Vaila Bhaumick explaining why slow travel is becoming a growing trend, post-2020. ‘The pandemic has slowed the world down. Many of us now have time to reflect on how we’ve been living, and of course, travelling. Could this signal an opportunity to shift towards slow travel?’

52 Fun things to do in the car – we received this activity card deck as a gift and we love it. It features engaging games, creative art activities and mind-bending puzzles that are fun for the kids and adults too!

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